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chooseIt might not be “The Return of the Great Adventure,” but these resources will help you become more comfortable using Illuminate DnA. Click on one of the links below to Choose Your Own Illuminate Adventure! Links will open in a separate window. Illuminate DnA also provides its own tutorials on its website. You can access those resources by clicking here.

Mobile users should Choose Their Own Illuminate Adventure by clicking here.

hatCheck out what APS teachers are saying about Illuminate DnA:


  1. Lindsay Bannatyne on

    The CFA Illuminate spreadsheet will make finding our CFAs much easier. Illuminate is being used as a tool for us to track data about our students and see who needs extra help in what areas, or if we need to revisit a standard altogether. Once, all CFAs are in place this should not be a time consuming process.

  2. In today’s Illuminate training we were able to get all of our CFAs in Illuminate and we also were able to see how to more easily share and access the tests as a department. I am finding that now we have had a year to get used to how to get around in Illuminate, it is not as hard as it seemed at first and administering the tests is not nearly as time-consuming as I feared.

  3. Today’s PD taught me to be able to use the scan sheets and our document cameras for assessments and for CFA’s. With that, we are able to do these on a power point or google slides format to display for our students.

    Fellow teachers: The more I learn about Illuminate DnA, the less painful it becomes. I plan to stick with it, have a good attitude and continue to strive for what is best for students.

  4. I fell more comfortable with navigating on Illuminate website. I am eager to try the bubble sheets and on the fly assessments. With perseverance and practice, Illuminate will serve as a great tool.

  5. The training was a day well spent! I hope to feel much more confident with Illuminate and use it often in my classroom. Thank you to Rob, who is more than patient!!

  6. I found that scanning the answer sheets and using that to get immediate data to reflect on as a class to be very easy! Illuminate is meant to make things easier for us as teachers and for students all while getting more results when it comes to formulating data and accessing strengths and weaknesses in the classroom.

  7. Michael Chalupa on

    I learned how using the bubble sheets and on the fly assessments will streamline our CFA process.

    Taking the time to get some training will make life so much easier; getting instruction in small chunks/steps makes it much more manageable and less overwhelming. It is worth missing some class time to work with Rob in a small group setting.

  8. Easy way to give CFA’s and help with tier 2 and tier 3 groups.

    The videos are helpful and easy to create and implement skills assessments.

  9. Our CFAs are all finished and easier to use. It was helpful to see where all of the tutorials are.
    The more I give the CFAs, the easier it is for the students and for me.

  10. The one on one skills assessments will be useful for assessing sight words and phonics skills. If you are not comfortable with Illuminate DNA attend the training You’ll be glad you did.

  11. I was very pleased to find it much easier to use than I had expected. I feel much more confident and plan on using it right away. I really liked how easy it was to set up a scan. To other fellow teachers it is pretty easy and if I can do it then you can too.

  12. I feel a lot more comfortable with using Illuminate after attending this PD! I had time to explore the video resources and it’s nice that they will always be available to watch whenever I need them. I was having reservations about Illuminate, but today I learned new ways to use it more effectively in my classroom and I’m especially excited to start using bubble sheets.

  13. I am excited to use the bubble sheets and on the fly assessments. The more I experiment with Illuminate, the more comfortable I get so anyone who is struggling just needs to try it out and ask for help. The videos are extremely helpful as well. It’s nice to know where they all are so I can refer to them in the future.

  14. I really like the bubble sheets and hope to try using them soon. I was frustrated last year with how much time the tests took (logging in, fixing scores when the answers were rubrics), but as I do more of them they have become faster and easier to administer. The more you use it, the easier it will become!

  15. Laura Sullivan on

    It is very helpful to have the bubble sheets and On the Fly assessments. We were able to create additional CFAs very quickly and easily.

    Thank you so much. You have put a lot of work into these resources and they are very helpful. They will be a great resource as we continue to work with Illuminate. I am feeling much better about efficiency of using Illuminate.

  16. The skills assessment are going to be so helpful with seeing how far our students have come. They are easy and quick to administer. We were able to almost finish creating our math CFAs for the entire year! Only one more to go! This year using Illuminate will go a little easier now that I’ve actually been able to sit down and work within the program.

  17. The Illuminate DNA PD was very helpful. We were able to create and set up almost all of our CFA’s for the coming year!!!! Many of the difficulties I had last year with this program have been resolved and it seems to work much smoother.

  18. Cindy Tibbitts on

    I love the tech videos that will provide support as I continue to explore!

    I was very concerned regarding the amount of time Illuminate appeared to take with my students for assessments. I am glad to report it does not appear to be the case! Assess on the fly is awesome!

  19. Lots of great information today! I am definitely more comfortable using illuminate for our CFA’s and in creating new assessments.Using the quick “on the fly” assessments are way easier than I expected!

    I would share all of the videos with my coworkers…. I’m not sure that everyone knows that these exist! They took away a lot of anxiety about illuminate… Thanks Rob!!

  20. I learned how to quickly and effectively create common formative assessments on an online data driven platform. Super easy super quick.

  21. Making an assessment is actually easier than I thought. Once you actually start the process you will be surprised on how easy it is!

  22. Stephanie Fowler on

    I feel much more confident. I like knowing there is an organized, common place housing helpful videos. The videos are short, specific, and user friendly.

  23. Teresa Herlein on

    The bubble sheets and “On the Fly” quick assessment are so cool! I think Illuminate has real possibilities and that with a little more effort, it will be helpful to us in the classroom.

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