Renewing your Michigan teaching certificate

How do I know when my teaching certificate will expire?

Click here to check your “Certification Status.” Type in your first and last name (you can leave the “Certification Number” box blank) and click the “Search” button. Any teaching certificates you have will be displayed. Click on one to view the expiration date:

How do I earn professional learning hours to renew my teaching certificate?

How do I know what DPPD I attended this year?

Click here to see the DPPD dates Allegan Public Schools offered for the 2016-2017 school year.

If you attended additional DPPD events beyond the dates listed in those documents, check your APS email. If you signed in and signed out, you will receive an email with the subject “DPPD.” Search for these emails by typing “search:dppd” in Gmail’s search box:

The emails include the title of the session you attended and the number of hours you were present. There is also a link to a survey you need to complete for Allegan Public Schools.

If you’re certain you have attended additional DPPD events but did not receive an email, contact Cheryl-Marie Manson for assistance. This document outlines the type of professional development that qualifies as “DPPD.”

How do I document my “professional learning hours”?

Click here to access the Michigan Online Educator Certification System.